[city]Frequency, [c]F, is a multichannel video installation/projection exploring urban experiences through documentary aspects and narrative as part of a broader survey of human ecology. It is a poetic, psychogeographic investigation with urban spaces. It examines our emotional response to cities as places of transition and how we experience them through memories. Every city has a different feel and triggers certain emotions linked to memories and experiences only inherent in that particular space and time. In an age of fast and aggressive change it is important to keep up a discourse about spaces and their authenticity (history) through our memories. There exists a ‘feel’, an emotional level for a space to stay alive so we can remember: Where am I? Why am I here? What means the place for me? To make oneself aware of one ‘s own experience. “Frequency” means an unconscious, human, emotional disposition in relation to city: as a longing/nostalgia.

NYC embodies this as the ‘City of Dreams’.

Maike Zimmermann

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